After School Program

The cornerstones of Team Prime Time’s after-school program are academics, athletics, leadership training and the Art Academy. In addition, Team Prime Time offers camps and other programs when school is not in session.

Academics Athletics Art and S.T.E.M. Academy Leadership

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Team Prime Time’s ability to both impact and empower the lives of its students is based upon a simple but effective formula: employ quality, experienced staff in a low, 10:1 staffing ratio in order to implement a comprehensive curriculum that inspires students to return day after day, year after year. The retention of its professional staff provides the program with the stable, consistent environment that earns the students’ trust and motivates them to excel.


Daniel Webster Middle School
11330 West Graham Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Site Director: Brittney “Me’shel” Whittaker
Phone: (310) 968-7872
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Palms Middle School
10860 Woodbine St.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Site Director: Kent Campfield
Phone: (310) 892-7872
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Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School
1650 Selby Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Site Director: Jasmine Garlington
Phone: (310) 749-7872
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Westside Global Awareness Magnet
104 Anchorage St.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Site Director: Mike Landers
Phone: (310) 892-3222
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Marina Del Rey Middle School
12500 Braddock Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Site Director: Manny Escalera
Phone: (310) 871-3432
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The Studio School
2050 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Site Director: Veronica Karpecki
Phone: (310) 237-3002
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City Charter Middle School
11625 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Site Director: Anthony Lewis
Phone: (310) 413-7023
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City Language Immersion Charter (CLIC)
4041 Hillcrest Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90008
Site Director: Chrisha Griffin
Phone: (323) 243-4741
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The four components of TPT’s academics program all work together to help accomplish the organization’s primary goal; increasing high school graduation rates for underserved youth. The first component is daily homework assistance and tutoring to ensure that students are performing well in their classes. The second is to identify and address each student’s demonstrated areas of need through the creation of Individualized Tutorial Plans (ITPs) designed to bridge the Achievement Gap, bringing the students’ academic performance to grade level or above. Diagnostic software, performance data analysis and regular communication with the school administration are just some of the variables used to create the ITPs.

TPT works in partnership with the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation to promote literacy and reading comprehension, the third component of the program. The fourth and final component is to expose the students to valuable enrichment and learning opportunities beyond the standard school day through unique and creative community collaborations. Examples include the Prime Time Trials Mock Trial Partnership with Loyola Law School and the financial literacy curriculum taught by Union Bank.

These four goals work together to help TPT achieve one of its primary organization goals; improving high school graduation rates for disadvantaged youth. And it’s working…TPT students are over 50 percent more likely to graduate high school than at-risk middle school students in LAUSD who did not attend TPT while in middle school.


Whether improving self-esteem, teaching teamwork, improving communication skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle through education about general health and proper nutrition or reinforcing academic accountability, the impact of athletics on the TPT after-school program can be seen everyday. The three main components are as follows:

The LA84 Middle School Sports League
All four TPT locations offer on-campus leagues in the following sports: flag football, basketball, soccer and volleyball. TPT is proud to have been chosen by the LA84 Foundation as a partner in the launching of this ambitious Pilot Program as TPT locations comprised 3 of the original 7 school to participate in the LEAGUE, and was the only organization to operate more than one of the original schools.

Each season culminates in the PRIME TIME JAMBOREE, a four-site TPT tournament, with the winner earning the right to take home the coveted WSA CUP.  Marina Del Rey Middle school won the WSA Cup Soccer Tournament on October 11, 2016.  Check out soccer highlights HERE!  Emerson Girls and Westside Global Awareness Magnet Boys won the WSA Cup Basketball Tournament on December 13, 2016.  Check out basketball highlights HERE!

Alternative Sports Program
The alternative sports program is designed for those students not participating in the “seasonal” sports activities. The alternative sports program features individual sports like tennis and golf and track and field as well as off-season sports.

General Health and Fitness
TPT recognizes that not every student will pursue sports in high school, but that every student must be taught the importance of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It is for this reason that TPT also offers participation-based, non-competitive activities that emphasize fun and fitness. By doing so, TPT believes that the choice to pursue a healthy lifestyle is made that much easier.

Team Prime Time would like to acknowledge the Westcoast Sports Associates for its ongoing support of the TPT Sports Program.

Art and S.T.E.M. Academy

Recognizing the need to appeal to a broader range of students than those just attracted by its sports program, TPT launched its ambitious ART ACADEMY in the Fall of 2005. The results were staggering: enrollment increased 33 percent in 2005-06 with the majority of the students citing the ART ACADEMY as the reason for joining the program. In 2006-07, enrollment increased nearly 20 percent, again, because of the ART ACADEMY (Webster MS location.)

Team Prime Time is able to offer students a new way to enrich their school day. The program consists of three main components – visual arts, media arts and performing arts – with each component designed to accomplish specific goals.

The media arts component works directly to support the curriculum of the standard school day by offering projects in a variety of mediums that enhance what is taught in the classroom. These projects emphasize the social sciences. The media arts focuses on the career-based applications of the arts through the introduction of computers, graphic design, photography, videography, filmmaking and editing, lighting, music and other technical outlets. The performing arts component reinforces the importance of literacy through projects that emphasize reading and writing, and self-confidence and self-esteem through participation in performances and performance-based exercises.

By offering programming from across the Arts spectrum, the ART ACADEMY is designed to appeal to each TPT student in such a way that he or she will participate in at least one component. Other highlights of the program include fashion design and a student newsletter.

Check out the Media Arts Fall Photography Gallery 2016! 

Check out Prime Time STEM Projects! 

Check out the Art Academy Exhibit 2013!


Leadership is a cornerstone of the TPT curriculum because it is important that the students see themselves as part of the solution to the problems faced by our community — and not the cause. Placing middle school kids in a position of real responsibility, where their actions directly impact the lives of others, has had a profound and ongoing impact on their self-esteem while doing much to change the perception of what middle school students can accomplish in the eyes of those that have witnessed their contributions.

At the heart of the students’ leadership training is the TPT’s full-inclusion sports program, The Prime Time Games (the GAMES) in which middle school students become coaches and mentors to children with developmental disabilities. It is through the GAMES that TPT students have earned their collective reputation as true leaders in our community.

The leadership component also introduces students to guest speakers from across the local sports, art and business communities through its Community Leaders Program. These special guests inspire the students with stories of success while providing practical advice so that the student can set and meet goals of their own.