TPT’s Program Partners introduce the students to potential careers by overseeing project-based learning opportunities that give the students a sense of what it’s like in the “real world”.  These programs inspire the students to excel in the classroom because they, too, might want to become a Lawyer or Stock Broker, and have a better sense of the commitment it takes to reach those goals.  Thank you to our Program Partners for inspiring our students!

Marshall Mentors           Prime Time Trials           WSA Cup

Marshall Mentors

TPT is truly honored to have been chosen by the USC Marshall School of Business to be one of its three Challenge For Charity partners.  As part of this exciting partnership, Marshall students visit TPT locations every week to introduce and oversee projects and challenges similar to those they encounter in Business School.  Disciplines include marketing, branding, product development and, of course, the stock market.



Prime Time Trials

For the seventh consecutive year, students from Palms and Emerson Middle Schools are participating in the Prime Time Trials, a mock trial program that culminates in an actual “trial” presided over by the Honorable Patricia Collins (ret.) a member of the TPT Board of Directors.

Loyola Law School students write the fictional case and then spend 10-weeks meeting with the students in preparation for the “Trial of the Century”. Each school’s won the Trial three times, with this year’s Trial set to take place on November 14th in Loyola Law School’s Court Room.



TPT is the only ASP in Los Angeles that features its own mid-week, multisite sports league.  The League, known as the WSA Cup, gives TPT students a glimpse of what it’s like to play high school sports, including the importance of academic achievement.  Thank you, Westcoast Sports Associates, for all you do for our students.

Congratulations to our 2016-17 WSA Cup Girls Division Champions,  Emerson MS, and to the Boys Division Champions, Marina Del Rey MS.