Corporate Partnerships

In order to meet the increasing demand for its services, Team Prime Time is actively cultivating partnerships with the local business community. There is a wide range of opportunities available – from traditional donations to skill-based volunteer opportunities to in-kind gifts – and Team Prime Time is committed to identifying and facilitating the partnership that best fits your company’s goals.

Benefits of partnering with Team Prime Time include:

• enhanced company image in both community and within industry
• strengthen company culture through participation in skill-based volunteerism and social events
• increased company recognition by creating awareness of company’s commitment to improve the community

Corporate and business partnerships with Team Prime Time not only helps individual children but is an investment in the future of the Los Angeles community as a whole. We do hope that you can help by becoming a partner in shaping the future for all of us.

Please call (310) 838-7872 or email Peter Straus at to learn more.