Game changing programs present students with experiences that transform how they see themselves and their relationship to the world around them. These experiences encourage students in our programs to reenvision what is possible for them to do, be, and achieve in the world. Change at this level leads students to develop qualities such as determination, persistence, and grit along with the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary success. We invite you to explore our programs and join us in supporting our students who are engaged in a daily quest for opportunities to imagine, create, and contribute to the world we all share. Join us in supporting more bright stars through our programs.

After School Program

Our activities are guided by student interests and leadership.

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Prime Time Games Middle School Program

A sports inclusion program that transforms ‘at-risk’ to role model.

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Prime Time Games High School League

Our sports inclusion high school athletic leagues in basketball, football, and soccer.

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Recent News

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Our Favorite Song

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WSA Cup Soccer Tournament Fall 2016

Congrats Marina Del Rey MS: WSA Cup Soccer Tournament Fall 2016 Champions! Participating schools included Webster Middle School, Emerson Middle School, and Marina Del Rey Middle School!



I Got Your Back

What happens on the field is simply where the story begins… The relationships developed between coach and athlete transcend sport – they are “Bigger Than The Game”.  This series is dedicated to the stories that happen off the field. Click here to view the article as a PDF. Return to other articles.